On January 31, Saint Arsenie of Paros was celebrated. ….. did a great miracle just days before, as Father Dionysios Tambakis told us on January 22, 2018.

This tremendous incident that shows that “God is wonderful in His saints,” was reported by Mother Arsenia, Egumena of the Transfiguration Monastery of the Savior of Paros Island, the monastery where Saint Arsenius was particularly compelled and honored.

We also present this miracle, to the glory of God, to the honoring of the Holy Arsenie, and to the benefit of our souls:

“My sister has lived in Belgium for many years with her family. Five months ago, her niece was able to give birth to a beautiful little girl. She even baptized the baby by the Epiphany named Arsenia to honor our Holly Father Arsenie.
Unexpectedly, however, the child became ill and, barely breathing, was rushed to the hospital.
Unfortunately, after two days, on January 8, 2018, the child left this life, leaving her unappeased parents.
Even then, a Greek doctor working in that hospital received the visit of an old man who leaned in his cane and told him about the child that had just died.
The old man urged the doctor to make a chest massage and mouth-to-mouth breathing, although more than 24 hours had passed since the child’s death, and doctors were diagnosed the death. He told the doctor that if he listened to him, the baby would live.
Deeply impressed by what he heard, the doctor fully followed the advice of the old man, little Arsenia, to the glory of God, returning to life!
When the little girl’s mother returned to the hospital for the funeral preparations, she found her alive in the crib.
The old man who spoke to the doctor had the same image as St. Arsenius, whom the doctor saw in the icon after what had happened.
The saints of God never cease to perform miracles and run to our aid when we call them in faith, as did the Holy Arsenie for the little baby girl.