Church foundation and its purpose

The church is the seat of holy founded by our Lord Jesus Christ, the incarnation, death and resurrection, and then perfected by Pentecost and the preaching and sacrifice Apostles and their successors – martyrs, bishops, priests, deacons and all the saints. The church is the community of all Christians who believe in Christ, professing the same faith right in Father, Son and Holy Spirit and sanctified ordained servants who listen to the Apostles and their successors. The purpose of the Church is to confess and defend the true faith on earth, which he discovered God in Holy Scripture and the Holy Tradition; To gather and unite under the Protection of her as a mother, all nations who believe in Christ as the Son of God; To teach, to lead and sanctify the world by the Gospel and the grace of the Holy Spirit gave the Apostles and pastors of the Church ordained them; Maintain the ground until the end of all ages Mass and divine services of praise, thanksgiving and demand, to the glory of the Holy Trinity; To save everyone by true faith in God through the grace of the Holy Spirit, we receive the Church through the sacraments and through the work of good deeds.

Outside the Church there is no salvation

Outside the Church founded by Christ is salvation, because it is not a bishop or priesthood or sacraments by which we receive the grace of salvation. The truth, which is Christ, Cross, Gospel, the grace of salvation and successors of the Apostles, that bishops and priests, are only in the Church. Here is the Holy Spirit, Baptism, Holy Eucharist, Priesthood, Holy Mass, the joy of life and salvation. Here are all the saints with the Mother of God and himself invisible throne of the Most Holy Trinity. Those who left the Church and were denied her secrets, the ministers they ordained by the Apostles, Cross, saints, the Holy Mass and all the spiritual gifts that spring from the Church, those were denied grace salvation, because they came out of the Church ship and the sheepfold of Christ, our Savior and the good Shepherd. They can be saved only if they repent and return to the bosom of the Church. Our Lord Jesus Christ say on this stone – the true faith – will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it (Matthew 16, 18). The gates of hell are all sorts of Christian sects strikes unit and foundation of the Church, but not be able to overcome, because at its helm is Christ Himself Savior of the world.

Confidence in the true Church

Church unites us with God. In it are continually Christ, our Savior and the Holy Spirit. The Church, therefore never wrong, the “pillar and foundation of truth” (I Tim 3, 15). We believe in the Church of Christ, because only in it we can baptize, repent and share the sacraments. Only we can save it. There is no salvation outside the Church, says St. Cyprian, because only the Church, called the Mystical Body of Christ, keeps all the gifts of salvation. The true Church is the Orthodox Church, because it is the only true faith in God. The very word “orthodoxy” in Greek, means the true faith. She only kept unchanged, without gaps and additions, teaching and ordinances of our Lord Jesus Christ, as they have preached Saints and as they explained and fixed Symbol of Faith Fathers in Ecumenical Councils and local first Christian centuries, when Christendom was one and inseparable. Therefore Orthodox Church there are only safe means of salvation. Only the Orthodox Church keeps teaching the true faith, entire and unchanged, received from the Apostles, contained in the Creed or Symbol of Faith, as they have determined Fathers in the first two Ecumenical Councils of the years 325 and 381 of Nicea and Constantinople , which he took part and the Western Church (Catholic). Later, Church of the West has changed Creed faith (Filioque), and was removed from the common tradition of the Fathers, both in terms of sacramental life, and the governance of the Church (Protestant Reformation and dogmas of papal Roman Catholic); Jobs in the Orthodox Church are also recognized by the entire Christian world as the most mystical and more in line with tradition, undivided Church of the first millennium. Asceticism and fasting were not changed in Orthodoxy, as happened in the Catholic and Protestant Churches.

Members of the Church of Christ

All the people who are baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity Apostolic Orthodox faith and keep unchanged, both the right and sinners are members of Christ’s Church. For there is no man without sin, and Christ gave His life for all, as did the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick (Matthew, 9, 12). Only those who deny God – atheists, heretics, Holy Rollers, schismatics and suicides that were broken by the Church – can not be members of the Church of Christ and we can not pray never for them both while they are alive, and after death. Only if you repent are forgiven and saved. But the Church of Christ has two kinds of members: heavenly and earthly. Saints and angels are members of the Church triumphant in heaven, as they defeated the devil and is ahead of the Most Holy Trinity. Church members and fighters on earth are straight believers who struggle with temptations, passions and demons to prove eternal life. The two form one church in Christ, as its members who together glorify God. Christians praise the saints and angels, and those in heaven pray for the salvation of those who are fighting on the ground. Here’s what great is the mystery of the Christian Church! The prototype or model of the Church of Christ is forever impenetrable unity of the Holy Trinity. For where God is, there is the Church, there is unity of the saints, the angels and the Christians. There is the grace of the Holy Spirit and eternal happiness.

Church leadership

The church is led by Founder himself invisible, our Lord Jesus Christ, who is “Head of the Church” by the grace of the Holy Spirit working in the church. In a visible way the Church is run by the church hierarchy, consisting of three steps – deacons, priests and bishops – who have preserved apostolic succession from the foundation of the Church, the Apostles ordained by putting hands on their heads. Church hierarchy originated in the Great High Priest Jesus Christ Himself, Who has sanctified the Apostles at Pentecost, by sending the Holy Spirit upon them in the form of tongues of fire (Acts 2: 1-4).

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