Right after Theophany, all honors and glorifies the Baptist, because the synod assembly of the people in the church means to chant and glorify God, in honor and praise the great John the Forerunner and Baptist him that is celebrated.

A group like this, even that it had all the churches that are worldwide, and today it celebrates yea; but is especially great celebration in the Baptist churches built in the name, such as the church’s art converted by Jordan where Christ was baptized; in Sebaste, which was cut by Herod; Antioch, where the hand of the right was taken by St. Luke the Evangelist, and Constantinople, where the Saint Menas is brought from Antioch and where particular had become the council that, since it brought mine very evening of divine revelation, when the water is blessed.

The fragrance spread by the right hand of St. John

In 1961, the Feast of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, on 29 August, when our monastery celebrates after the usual vigil all night, attended with us, Archimandrite Cherubim Karabelas, deacon Paul and two theologians, all of Piraeus.

Towards the end of the vigil, when singing hexapostilarions (hymn played before “praise”), remove the door usually north entrance St. John the Baptist’s right hand, held per ordinary priest. This time, ordinary priest was celibate priest Paul, before whom the sacristan walked with a candle and a fall deacon. Meanwhile, all four mentioned above felt a heavenly fragrance that spread in waves of Divine Right and they have softened hearts and souls.

Overwhelmed by this shading of grace Forerunner, fell to their knees all and kissed with great devotion and joy relics, thanking him and glorified him from the depths of their souls the greatest born of women, the glorious Forerunner and Baptist of the Lord our. Whether through his intercession, make us worthy Lord of His heavenly kingdom! Amen.

Miracles of the right hand of the Forerunner

On 16 May, the year of salvation 1961, a Monday, the feast of the Holy Trinity, after the Mass, the priest servant, monk Paul, told me the miracle did the Forerunner Divine Right:
– Father Lazarus, you realize what happened to me today at Mass?
– I saw something, but better tell me Holiness.
– You must have heard at Matins I struggled to say the end of litanies. I was left speechless because of pharyngitis that often torments me.
– How not to. I noticed I even said to myself: “Did you succeed parent to complete the Mass? And especially today, when it is the council? “.
– Listen to me! When we gathered all the priests in the church for the Mass to worship, I was in a very heavy. Before the Abbot give the blessing, I prayed to Saint straight out to kiss and bless me with it. Abbot immediately consented and I meant on the head with holy relics, saying also the usual prayer. Then I kissed the Holy Hand with great devotion and love, praying to St. John to be gracious to me and heal me sick that I tyrannize, so I can say the end of litanies easily and read the Gospel with beautiful voice, as read such Feasts.

I told them about St. John, while kiss the Holy Hand. And – oh, the great miracles and help the Forerunner of the Lord! – I felt the work of Divine Grace immediately. I was soaked neck, I regained my voice and godly zeal multiplied after that I could, with great devotion and love, to speak and read the Gospel easily. For all this I satisfied with reverence and gratitude our preabuna Protector, Glorious baptism and the Lord’s forerunner, with whose intercession to end good and worthy of the kingdom of heaven. Amen.

St. John heal a possessed

Salvation year of 1919. Father Niphon was old, having as aid Leontie monk and the monk Lazarus was housekeeper. In a March morning, they heard some loud cries in court subdued. The two young monks, leaning over the balcony, they saw him as the shepherd Bobotan Demetrius tugged and dragged his son, John, who was about ten or twelve. Suddenly, the child began to tremble, to foam, to cry and make different movements of wild strange, as do those covered by the influence of devilish.

The poor shepherd and his wife did not know what to do. “Bre John, what have you? What happened? “He asked, but the child could not answer their questions, but continues to make his follies. “Oh, bad watch!” Began shouting shepherd. “Ah, my child! Oh, poor me, what happened. “

In such a state of disorder and immeasurable grief and she remembered the miraculous icon of St. John the Baptist and immediately took the child and went to church, to bring him before the icon of the saint. But as you move and approached the church, the child was under demonic work is wild, scream, resist to go to church, pull back so that, at one time, escaping from the hands of his father, he He took her to flee. But his father ran faster and grasping, brought him back.

Meanwhile, the monks on the balcony watching the tragic scene between father and son. Then they went down and took his father and child and went to church and put him on the child before the holy icons. They were grieved for the child, but more for the fact that there was there no priest to read exorcisms, as is customary in such situations.
After five minutes of silence passed, the youngest monk said:
– Brother, since we have no priest, if you want, let alone sing a chapel to St. John, because his strength is great. And to do what he pleased.
The other monk agreed and began chapel. The child was gripped by unrest and began to wallow plates stone church. Shepherd became white as a sheet and his heart is completely destroyed. However, St. John prayed secretly, to do pity him.
The chapel was nearly over. When he started singing the seventh child was quiet. When they finished singing eighth child got up and stood before the icon with much humility. At the end of the chapel, the child was completely healthy, for untold joy and amazement of those who were present. After the child’s parents and those present bowed St. John to the ground, they went rejoicing together with the baby’s father.
Because of his faith and piety towards St. John the Baptist, shepherd managed to acquire cure his child.

The wonder of the Saint on a new monk

I will now tell a true story that happened recently with a monk tonsured a monk who, moved by what happened, she confided in her, telling me:
– On the Precious Forerunner, which is painted with the face of harsh icon proschinitarul what was the right column next to the church, surely you know. Whenever I speak and I look forward seems to be alive and I feel like a child talking to his father.
When first I read the Precious Forerunner Acatistul the Great Compline on Monday seara- was Lent and, as usual, Compline with St. Acatistul read in church before this creature – and, as I stood with great devotion and love, For deserve to have much gratitude and love for our Glorious protector when we arrived, my brother, the “bearer of light and Ioane dumnezeiescule Proorocu with your enlightened frightening and wonders, lights and shining our heart …” – O thy wonders Înaintemergătorule honor and my strength! – I felt a supernatural joy in my heart and I thought I was lifted from the earth with all body, filling me also of untold joy and gladness.
And Father, continuing, said:
– For several years I kept asking the question of the Precious Forerunner for a spiritual nature, but not yet received any response. One day, while kissing his sacred image, I prayed more faith, being grieved and unhappy silence. As I depart from this holy icon, I heard a voice in my mind that gave me the answer to the problem I had prayed and which comforted me abundantly. So I thanked warmly my strength and I quietly in this regard. (After the testimony of a contemporary monk, he asked about this, it seems that the monk that I am describing is himself the father of Lazarus. The problem that kept him preoccupied by his desire to be safely in the wilderness, as he himself confessed into one of their conversations. And the voice he heard told him, “Go down into the chapel dedicated without silver and relax there.” This chapel is one level below the main church in the west, and it is quite isolated noise).

Multiplication of Loaves Minuit

Last year (1939), tells Hrisant old, I was for a period trapezar. Holy Law was approaching feast of John the Baptist, the fourth Sunday of Lent, I usually commit a small church. Two days before, I counted the bread and saw that there were 250 pâinişoare (then instead of ordinary bread, ripening some pâinişoare, one for each person). These should last me for four meals. You know that every meal is consumed 70-80 pâinişoare? Besides the feast of St. John the Baptist was to give every worshiper every one to two pâinişoare blessing. I made my account and realized that I will not get bread.
So I went to the abbot to say that the bread not enough for us and the next day, on the eve of the feast, will have to make bread.
I do not know what to think abbot, but he said:
– Not! No need to make bread.
– But Elder, not to get bread and we shame to strangers. I say that not enough bread to the patron St. John the Baptist.
He however said again:
– No, you’ll get!
What could I do? I said nothing and went grieved and saddened. I went to the refectory and I split into two baskets bread. In one I put pâinişoare 150 and the other 100. All this occurred on Friday morning. Meanwhile I think that table Saturday night to put posmag softened to save bread. The two meals on Friday and Saturday morning I used the 150 loaves that were in a basket. After finishing table Saturday morning, I took the empty basket and I went into the little shed where I kept posmagul and spirit. I remained only 100 pâinişoare, we have kept the mass of dedication, which was the next day.

On Saturday afternoon I went to the magazine which I have mentioned above to take posmagul and the vessel in which to dip as landmarks. But as we entered – one wonders your honor Înaintemergătorule! – I saw the basket, which set her goal there, filled with fresh bread. I started to rub your eyes, thinking that they may not be deception of the enemy. In this basket had 150 loaves of bread, but if I had paid the two tables. What is this? Truly, it is the miracle of Saint John the Baptist. I ran to the abbot happy and I told all, while calling him to come and see for himself the miracle and believe. When he came and saw, entrusted with great and together we glorified Saint John. And the next day, to be seen as hermits and his worshipers Please take not only a loaf of bread, but five or six each, telling them all wonder John the Baptist “.

Pillar of fire wonder

The first part of May 1940, Chrysanthos monk, while he was at the convent infirmary, and I took care of him, told me the following story related to the construction of the chapel St. John the Baptist.
– You know when it was built proschinitarul Icon of St. John the Baptist, which is located near the cliff?
– No, I replied. I know: you’ve made your Piety and I wonder how you managed to do it so well and so far icon.
– Yes, but it was also a miracle of Saint John the Baptist as such was possible to do it as we see exactly the extent, since I’ve never done anything like especially into a time when you quit hearing the so-called carpenter? But, listen to understand!
One day in March 1934 stood at the lectern left the window and looked out to where it icon. Suddenly I heard a voice saying, “When you get your seat?”. I was amazed and wondered where it came from and who shouted that voice. I was silent and did not say anything to anyone. After about ten days have passed, passing in front of the same place where the icon, and headed to the pilgrimage me, I heard the same voice again, telling me: “When you get your seat?”. I suspect it is hidden in prescurarie (prescurăria is right next to proschinitarul about it) burn any monk whom jokes. Immediately I turned to see who is the one who makes jokes with me. I entered the vestibule of the church and researched thoroughly, but there was none. Neither this time did not say anything to anyone, but thought tormented me: “Whose is this voice? What’s that sound? “.

After going more than a month in the afternoon, while the church beginning of Vespers, just I was at the monastery gate and walked toward the church, but in the north of it, ie before proschinitarului when, Suddenly, I heard the same voice again. Again, however, I believe any monk hidden jokes with me. The next day, after Matins, I went to his cell to get some rest. I fell asleep and sleep for a few moments I heard the same voice: “When I get my seat which I say?”. I woke up immediately and I thought, “Who came at this time in my cell? I find it weird. I must tell confessor “.

And not to lengthen it, my boyfriend went to the confessor, after confession, asked me:
– Have you ever promised St. John to do something? Think about it well, can you remember!
Once I thought long enough, a miracle !, I remembered that before more than ten years, I passed once and worshiping the icon of St. John, simply and almost without thinking, I He said: “Well, St. John, if you will, grant me make you a wooden proschinitar for your icon.” Meanwhile, I left and saw carpentry and Tesla; I scattered them all.
After confessor heard this promise they had made not realize, he said:
– See that St. John asks you to fulfill your promise? Take care how you do proschinitarul and St. John will help!
Hearing this, I froze. Deeming it something impossible to achieve. Where should I begin? It required good wood, tools, money, and it seemed impossible to do all they get. But my venerable abbot, Dositei old, greatly encouraged me to this work, giving me money, tools and blessing. So I had no reason to hesitate, but I had to get to work.

And so, my beloved, slowly, without knowing anybody, work whenever I was given the opportunity and with the help of St. John, I carried out the work. On the eve of the feast, June 23, 1937, I called several brothers, I brought proschinitarul and I sat as seen now. Everyone who saw him, said that the plan was made at St. Anna. Nobody believed that the work is entirely mine. They had little right, because I do not think anything could come out so well. It clearly see the miracle of Saint John the Baptist, parent Lazarus.
– Yes, I believe you, I said. There is no doubt that Saint John has worked with you and enlightened you to do it because of out so beautiful. With his intercession, may we counted worthy of the kingdom of heaven. Amen.

Punishment of the Goatherd

Father Vissarion, can you tell us any story connected with St. John the Forerunner?
The old man thought for a moment and remembering the story of the goat keeper, began to tell me:
– Once I found a goatherd mess of Polighiros. It was called Theodosius Zarganis. I think I know and Holiness, for coming several times to Polighiros.
– I do not know, I said, but that does not matter, because I believe anything you say.
– The man who did not take account of all say that I am saving here at subdued. Often goats entered the field of subdued and do damage to vegetables and olive trees.
– Bre Theodosius, put your senses! I do a lot of damage, I said.
But that nothing is done that hears and sometimes laughing and sometimes threaten me. What to do? I was alone and had come close to despair subdued.
One day I said:
– If you do not hold out on me, you’ll have to do with the Holy.
It does not take long, my little brother, and falls an illness, a scab on his goats as they began to perish each day one by one. But he still could not itself. In a handkerchief had three bills a thousand drams. Some mice were able to pierce the tissue. I took three papers and took them into their nest. Two of them have done little pieces become utterly useless, the other broke it into three pieces. On this has got to get he glued the pieces and thus not lost. Then he got sick wife and children, and fields have begun to bear fruit no longer. She was close to man-mad through manifold misfortunes they had learned.

One day, here he comes to die, very distressed and afflicted, complained that from May to May. When I saw it like this (I found out about those passions), I asked:
– They Theodosius, what happened?
Then the poor man replied, sighing from the depths of the soul:
– Alas, monks, that Spirit is it that you have here?
Then I said:
– Remember when I told you not to do me harm, but thou mock me? Think Metochion is mine? No, but the Holy.
– May monk forgive me !, he said. I promise that you will not once in sorrow.
– Well, God forgive you! Go to church to ask forgiveness from the Holy. Make three prostrations and then come here to honor you with a cup of coffee.
So did my brother. Then I became friends and he came to die with all his family to grind wheat. Since then he did not dare to annoy me.

Wonder of power of listening

Once he researched and Antim father, talking to me about the help that John the Baptist gives him incessantly Dionisios monks, and remembered a circumstance worthy to note that it told me:

“Remember, Father Lazarus, that in 1924 I was in the congregation economic Metochion orphan Gabriel, our abbot now. In February he sent me Vizin (metoc in Halkidikis) with two mules to bring oil. I mules laden with wineskins full of oil, and I turned subdued. Between Polighiros Arne, the place called Vatilakos, there is a narrow road accident with an area that can barely move an animal. Then the place was frozen, and the bottom of the road was a deep ravine, where, if he had slipped – God forbid! – Either human or animal, pieces would be done.

So reaching this scary place, mules, poor, were afraid and bowed, not daring to move. I soon as I saw this, I despair. There is no man to help me. Then, in my great sorrow, I called St. John the Baptist and I told all my heart:
– Saint John, abbot my prayers, help me in this hour
And oh, your miracles and your help grabnicul honor popped !, Înaintemergătorule much power in the flesh, as soon as I grabbed one of the mules and lifting it on the feet, I helped to pass through that tight spot. Then I did the same with the other. Seeing this, I praised and thanked grabnicul St. John for his help, which has given me my unworthiness. This deliverance from the terrible distress and prayer helped my abbot who sent me and my sincere faith and obedience that I committed. With the help of our great defender intercessions and worthy of our eternal happiness. Amen”.

Lazăr Dionisiatul, Dionisiates Stories, translation from greek by Ştefan Nuţescu,
Lacu Skite–Holy Mountain Athos, Evanghelismos Print, Bucharest, 2012