The vision that has been revealed in our years to a father in the Holy Mountain of Aton, who, for his humbleness, has not written his name, fleeing the gloomy glory of men.

“In 1854, in 14 days of March, on a Thursday, at six hours of the night, I got up to Utrenia, went to the church and stayed in the party, and while the brothers were reading the Midzonoptics I thought the depths to God, saying,

A God and Creator and Maker of all received and made man for us, He was crucified and buried. He all made them and took them for the salvation of men. So I thought, my heart was humiliated, and so much joy came to my soul and a quietness in my mind that I came so humiliated, my tears flowed like the spring. […] Then my heart opened and it was, in a way, made a way from the heart to the seat of God. And my mind, the word inside and my heart were united and prayed with my mind without any hindrance. I was praying to myself with some humiliating words and a great love came to my neighbor and prayed for those who hated and sucked me. Then, out of the joy of my heart, my soul sweeps. As I was in this humiliation and state, I saw myself as being in church and brothers as they read.

I can not stand, I put a party and sit down and again pray with my mind. And so divine love enraged me that it was not possible to rest on the seating. And I was no longer afraid of God, but especially I had great boldness and love for Him that my soul was ruled by this love. And I could no longer say prayer in heart or any other prayer, but only felt in my soul a desire and a divine love, like a flame of fire burning in my heart. And my soul and my heart were glued to God, and only on Dance I imagined it, and tears flowed from the eye as the spring. My soul was full of joy and great humility.

And then without a word we came in astonishment. I did not see the church anymore, nor could I hear what was read. But I was in a large and beautiful field, which was adorned with all sorts of trees and flowers full of pleasant smell. That beauty and adornment can not be written, nor can one be told of human language. Everything was full of light as if it had lit seven suns. From afar, I saw a lot of people dressed in bright, youthful, young-looking clothes. Each shone more than the sun and walked slowly. And I had great joy in my soul, and, mirroring me, I was saying to myself:

“Whose garden is this? Who are these people and how are they here? “

They thought, I was walking, and, after I walked a little, I saw another countless crowd of people hanging together and dressed in stray clothes. All of them were young, of an age and strong in the body, hard and handsome to face, that they were more shining than the sun. When I saw them, I stood and watched their adornment and beauty, having great joy in my soul. After that I heard a cry from them, saying,

“Our brother-by telling me by name-has a great desire to go to the Emperor, as we all know. So who of us can keep it? “

Then one of the dances was younger, more beautiful and stronger than the others, shining as the moon shines between the stars, and appears to be bigger among them. He replied and said to the others:

“I will feed him, because, as you know, he has a great love for me. Day and night pray for me, and for this I have often put myself to the Emperor for him. “

That said, he came to me. And I was wondering wonderfully:

“I have never seen these people, but where did they see me and where do I know my name? And how did they find out I have a desire to go to the Emperor? “

Thinking about them, he came to me and said to me with the joyful face:

Follow me to go to the Emperor!

And I prayed him, saying,

Brother, leave me! Who am I to go to the Emperor? And why does the Emperor want me? And what is the Emperor?

Then, smiling, he said to me,

You do not know who the Emperor is, what will I take you to? Or do not you know who I am? Because you love me and pray for me day and night, here I come to take you and sell you to the Emperor. And it is impossible to leave you. So follow me!

Then I, having nothing to answer, followed them. And that went before and after the dance, almost. And he told me to ask him who he was, to show me so much love. But I was ashamed, saying I would ask him later. And I had great caressing in my soul, seeing him close to me. So we went a long way from that beautiful field and no one saw it, except for us. After the beautiful field ended, we came to a narrow shaft that was too long to see the other end and on both sides had tall walls. That road was so tight that the man could barely walk. When I got there, I had some fear in my heart, because that place was wild and without caress. But seeing my foreman, my soul rejoices. Then my savior stood a little and looked for me with a bright and jolly face and said to me, “Why do you laziness and you scatter your mind to and fro and you do not remember the prayer of Jesus Christ? Do not you know how much damage does the man suffer when he laughs at prayer, even a breath? And again, how useful is he to think of the saving name of the Lord and our God Jesus Christ for ever? A man like this is saved from patience and sin, and becomes the place of the First Trinity, and he will reach the perfect love, which in part you have also scrutinized by the merciful God. So, knowing her sweetness, why are you lazy about it? Until, brother, are you going to be in the deep sleep of laziness and do not come back? Remember your first oscarriage, from which you’ve been lulled. Did not God teach you the work, when you put the Most Holy Virgin, the Baptist of God, the mediator and chess of your salvation? Have you not been haughty to be a gracious stoner for this proof? Do not you know, brother, the mercy and love that God has shown you? But you have chosen the laziness instead of His love. Yet great is the love of God with you! “When my foreman told me this, I was very humble, and with a broken heart I said,” Lord Jesus Christ, please me! “And the more I prayed, so my heart is upset to divine love and love. Because so pure we were doing prayer, that no thought was to upset my heart and prevent it. And so my mind deepened in prayer and I took so much power that it ran away from that fear that held me before. Then said my savior, “See now that you are better when you say prayer? If you wish to be in this state and want to save yourself, rise from the depths of laziness and start your first and first work again in keeping God’s commandments without change. And all your power to put it in the thought of the name of Jesus Christ and the Most Holy Mother of God. Remember to preserve this with greatness and to confess to you all day of everything that will happen to you, not knowing any thoughts of your confessor! “They said to me, we started to walk on that tight end. And walking, I saw a cross as a sign of the road. And when I got close to the cross, my foreman stood and made three crosses, saying, “Your cross worshiped us, Master, and your holy resurrection, we praise and magnify it!” And he told me to do I too, and I worshiped the same. After we walked a long way from there, we passed that shell. And I saw there a place that was screeching and shaking those who saw it. Because it was a ravine and a valley so deep and dark that neither the length nor the depth could be seen as being a noian. On the other side of the valley, far away, there was a very tall mountain, its peak reaching up to the sky. Over that noon was a scary bridge, for that deck was only a round wood, like a thick palm. One end of it was in the narrow one, and the other was at the edge of that tall mountain. And when the wind blew, that deck shivered like a leaf in the tree. So when I got closer to that noon and deck, fear and earthquake struck me, seeing we had to cross it because, looking at one side and the other, I could not see another place on the other side, without that deck only. And there was no trail on that deep, dark valley. Then again my forefather said to me: “Again, you have lain at prayer and for this you are afraid. Give me my hand here! “Then I gave her his right hand and, holding our hand, I was walking on that frightening deck. And walking a little, I saw that deck shaking and trembling, as the leaf trembled in the tree when the wind was blowing. Looking at one side and the other in that deep, dark valley, I was afraid to go, but as I was with my foreman who held my hand, I took some boldness. Then my savior stayed a little and turned to face me, said to me: “Make your cross three times and call upon the name of the Most Holy Child, and always the Virgin Mary, because at this place great power has its name “Then I crossed three times and said with my mind,” Most Holy God, help me! “And, oh, a miracle! So much manhood came in my soul, that I had no fear, although that deck was shaking like a spider when I walked on it. And after some time I got to the end. Ending the deck I reached the edge of the mountain. Then the warder left me with my hand and said, “You are not afraid anymore!” But I, for the love I had for dancing, did not let go, but we kept it and we went along together. After we walked a little, we started to climb the mountain. Then I looked up but did not see his tall tip. Though the climb was very difficult, but the place was exhilarating. After going a long way, I stayed for a while and watched all the sides of the mountain and I marveled. All parts of the mountain were full of olive trees. And I was thinking, “Where are the olives here?” And we went further. Then, walking a little, I reached a large gate that was open. Then my foreman crossed me three times, like me too. And I got inside the gate. And I saw a big field again! And so great was that his edges were not visible; and as the strength of heaven, so was that field. The beauty and the adornment of that field who can tell them? And if I describe the beauty of that field, I could not, because there is no earthly thing to resemble it. The human language can not say its beauty or the human mind to understand it. That field was adorned with all sorts of trees and embellished with all kinds of flowers with a good fragrance. The light that was light there was like the light of seven suns. So when I saw that field, my heart was made of its beauty and I wanted to stay there. But my savior said to me, “From now on you will see more beautiful places, and after that you will see the Emperor!” And we went to that nice field, enjoying ourselves. And I saw from afar a lot of people, dressed in monastic clothes, but not black, but red, which shone like light. Their faces shone more than the sun, and their sight and beauty was above human understanding. Some of them were young, and some older. As we approached them, they received us with great joy and said to my foreman: Rejoice, Great Martyr Gheorghe, the beloved of Christ! He also said to them, Rejoice, dearly, his lovers Christ, then all of them have turned their faces toward me, and my cheerful face said to me, “Son, calling me by name, that man might gain the whole world, but that he will lose his soul, what will he use? And if he lived a hundred years, and he would acquire all the good things of the world, and he would make all his desires, the scary hour of death must come, and his whole life would be a dream and a shadow. And you will rise out of laziness and you will start your first life again, you will love God and you will be lucky with the happiness of the heaven, enjoying with us forever. And if you spend your life in laziness, you will end up in the valley that receives those lazy, trancey and unpopular. Son, do not want to love this darker noon more than this happiness! Do not put laziness above the love of Christ above! Son, remember how high you’ve fallen and why you’ve been alienated and what you’ve done! Son, come back and fall into the mercy of God, and we will not cease to pray for the Dance! “After that we separated from them and went further. Then my soul was afraid of what I heard. But I learned that my foreman is the Great Martyr George, the victor of the victory. And I also remembered the words he said to them, when they asked the soldiers: “Who are to protect him?” For Saint George said, “I will treasure him, because he has a special love for me, and I have often put myself in the middle of the Emperor for him.” So I knew him fully that from the beginning I had love great and special to St. George, more than other saints. And I often put him in the middle of my salvation. And many wonders he did with me and whenever I prayed him, did not leave me helpless. So when I knew my great martyr George was my martyr, I could not stand it, but I kissed him and embraced him for a long time, from the love I had in my heart to him. And I stuck with my soul and more of it by love. And as we go a little, we have seen other people from afar, and they are dressed in monastic clothes as before. But their clothing and their faces shone more than the sun and they had greater and greater glory than the others. And there was greater shine, but there were fewer. And I asked my foreman: Holy Gheorghe, who are they? What are they so glorious, brilliant and beautiful, and what have they done in their lives? And he answered me, saying, These are the now-present monks, who have no paternity and parable of the good deeds of those but of their own benevolence have condemned the good deeds of the monks of old, and they have committed them, paying God. And for this God glorified them. And I again said to him, “At this time, with the good works missing from the world, how could such a chosen people be in it? And he replied: This kind of people are few in these days in the world. But he who will do these good deeds according to his power, and will love God, will be called here in the kingdom of God. For who does some good deeds, makes them his own good will, without a forerunner and without the parable of others. And for this God receives them as perfect works. Brother, these days, the best works in the world were missing, the word of God ceased, and condemnation and lying. Instead of humility, the elevation; instead of love, vraja; instead of mercy, ruthlessness and instead of justice, injustice. Now there has been a multiplication of evil minds, envy and many others; everyone has gone wrong. It is not the one who does well. Very few are the ones who commit the best deeds and love God. These days, the word fits: “He who is saved, save his soul!” Let no one wait for help from another, but only from the Mother of God. He who will fall on the dance with all his soul will betray him, and he will truly save himself, for all that he may, for, “Much can pray the Mother for the Lord’s embalming!” These words told me again we started to go. And after we walked a little to the east of the field, we could see a great and beautiful palace by far. Its height, width and length were very high. His walls could not be likened to beauty, and they were seen as pure gold. The shimmer that came out of it shone all that place. The shape of the palace was incomprehensible. His beauty and his beauty not covered by the human mind. And I asked my forefather: Saint George, what a palace is this? And he said to me, This is the palace of the Emperor where I will go. So, walking, I came to the palace and came to a great and high gate, it was open. My savior has made three crosses; I too. And I went inside the gate into a yard. From it were all parts of that palace. And seeing those I wondered about their beauty and beauty, for the eyes of man did not see them. I also saw many people walking there, who were in great glory. Then my foreman grabbed my right hand and held me and went together. After that we went through a gate, which was open, and we gave it to a large and beautiful hall. In the east side of the hall there was another high and high gate, which was made with a craft that the human mind can not understand. And it was adorned with precious stones. On the right side of the gate was painted the icon of our Lord Jesus Christ sewing the jilt. Also, on the left was the Virgin Mary icon painted, sitting on the jilt. And inside, there was a lot of people in the room, all dressed in monkeys with the same kind of clothing, but their clothes were red as blood and shining like lightning, and in their hands were crosses and pillars. Their beauty and adornment can not tell her. As they saw us, they came to meet us and received us with great joy. And they all looked at me with a sweet voice, Brother, until we were expecting you? Why do not you force yourself? Then they said to my foreman: Brother Gheorghe, here you are in your possession. When will you bring it to us? “The saint answered,” When the Lord will. “Then they took me from the hand of my savior, and kept my hands, showing me this great love. And my foreman went and stood before the icon of the Mother of God, so did all of us and I sat with a lot of routine. And they all began to sing with a sweet voice: “It really is …” And when they sang, every word of the tropar so clean I heard, that it was in my soul. And as he performed the singing, my foreman took me again and, having made three crosses, we worshiped the icon; so did all the saints there. Then they said to me, “These things you have seen are done for you, so that you will not doubt what you see and hear, believing that they are evil diabolical. It is not mockery, but the mercy of God. Then they left a little and only me and my foreman stayed at the door. And without the news the door opened itself by itself, and a lot of light was poured out, which surrounded us. We stayed outside the door and we forgot a long time. Then I heard a sweet voice from inside, saying, “Great is Your mercy, Lord, to the sons of man!” And as I saw there, it is impossible for anyone to write to them. Because the eyes of man have not seen, ears have not heard, at the heart of man did not go up and the mind of man can not understand. Their beauty and adornment can not be said and can not be likened to any human thing. Towards the middle of the church there was a tall and pre-throne throne. He was like burning coals and shining like the sun. On the throne was the Emperor of glory, Christ. Around the throne and of the Emperor stood unmoved by people of all ages. Some of them were very young and dressed in white clothes. Some were dressed in monastic clothes, others in jealous clothes. The Emperor’s face was as seen on the icons. He was full of flesh and dressed in archie clothes, and on his head had a crown of precious stones. The beauty and beauty of the Emperor who can say it? From the light that shone before the Emperor, all the holy and the whole church lit up. And all these righteous were made like the Emperor in brilliance. Then I remembered Agapie’s word in the book called “The Savior of Sinners”, which tells of the glory of heaven, saying, “When you put an iron in the burning coal, burn and fire is made and you do not know which are coal and what is iron. That’s how it is in heaven. From the shine that comes out of God, the righteous shine and shine as God Himself. ” Of these, remembering and seeing them with my own eyes, I was saying, “How many saints have written for the glory of heaven are very few, because they can not even write them.” The light that emerged from the Emperor of Glory was so brilliant that if thousands and thousands and hundreds of suns were gathered they would not have shined so much. The Goodness and Beauty of the Emperor of Glory, the brightness of the unveiled light, the good adornment of the Church, the glory of the righteous, who can tell them? Rather, it could be the crowd of stars and the sand of the sea, rather than being able to say that. And if all the tongues of men were gathered, and if the stars of the sky, the large sand, and the leaves of the trees were tongues, they could not at least share a part of that glory. Standing out of the door and looking in that glory, I saw my foreman go inside in the church and go to worship the Emperor. And turning his face, and seeing that I did not come after him, he came back and, coming close to me, he said, “What are you up to?” Come with me, worship the Emperor. And when I prepared to come in, I heard the Emperor saying, Gheorghe, let him out, that he is not worthy to come in because he does not have the wedding clothing! I heard that voice, I feared a little, lest I be tempted. But again I won the boldness, because the love that was inside me for the Emperor casts out fear. Then my foreman let me out of the door and entered the Emperor alone. And all that, he rose up and honored my foreman, as a great captain of the Emperor. And not only the fog of the righteous, but also the Emperor Himself honored him with great honor, for He grew up from the throne and received him with great joy and joy, kissing him on the cheek; then again sat down. After this, my foreman made three methans and kissed the Emperor’s feet and stood before Him and said to Him: “Lord, remember the blood that you poured on the Cross for sinners! Remember that you have descended on earth to save the sinners! So forgive this soul and keep it in the way of salvation! I am deeply immensely merciful to you, Master, and he has a need to do good! “Then the Emperor replied:” Gheorghe, you know very well the love I have shown to him from the beginning; because I showed him the hidden mysteries and my great love. And many people have forced into their lives more than this and have not earned it. And this, having it in her heart, has overlooked her, choosing better the laziness and laziness of the world than Me. For this is not worthy of forgiveness. And again my lord said, Lord, I pray thee, forgive him; for thou shalt judge him by thy righteousness, he is worthy of punishment; but receive your gift and mercy with him. The hidden things of his heart are before You forever. See his goodwill, fill his heart’s demands, and, unwittingly, save him, Lord, see the place of the world! Where is the good parable? Where is your word from the mouths of men? Where is the indemnity? As though one would have the right to do good, he would make him out of his good will, for his spirituals and the abbots would stop him. Everyone is looking for the ones for his own use. For this, please teach him to do Your will! Promote Him to the Way of Salvation! Chill her life in peace! Make him a heir to Your kingdom, for all you want, you can. The Emperor replied again: Gheorghe, my lover, I see the state of the world; My words ceased from the mouths of men. Instead of my word, condemnation; instead of love, hate, envy and envy; instead of justice, injustice; the truth has perished; lack of humility; the wickedness, the sodomy, the fornication, the adultery. The world is ruined! And all these do not only the ladies, the men and the women, but also some priests and monks. I’m getting inside. They crucify me for the second time. They have defiled the monk’s face, the angelic one. But they all endure them with long patience, waiting for their straightening and repentance. And on this I did not cease to pledge him until today to do My will. I did not stop calling him alive, not doing what I do not like. And he, hearing My voice, and knowing that I am, as it has been proved by many spiritual servants and my uplifted servants, has not listened to me. I often remembered his first party, to return to her again; but he remained untouched. So my forefinger fell to the Emperor’s feet with great humility and said to the Dance: “Lord, remember the blood that I poured out for your love, and give me this soul, and forgive him! So, please, Lord! And then the Emperor with the girl cheered and joyfully said, “Gheorghe, let it be yours!” Then my savior stood up and stood before the Emperor with boldness. And the Emperor took a full glass with his left hand; but what was in him was not, but only red as wine. And he blessed him with his right hand, and gave it to my foreman, saying, This is the cup of my love; and let him drink it, and then my savior took the cup with his right hand, and brought it to me, saying to me, Make your cross and drink: and I, having crossed me three times, drank it. And it was so sweet that it did not resemble something earthly. And after I drank it, there came to my soul a love and love, like a fire of fire that burned in my heart. Then I saw my foreman close to the Emperor, giving him the empty cup. And I, unable to suffer, went inside to the church, and, leading me close to the Emperor, I fell at His feet, I hugged them with much daring and kissed them for a long time. And my soul was bound up with the Dance and I could not get up anymore. Then the Emperor said to my foreman, Gheorghe, take it, and go so that it may be needful to earn my love, which she has lost and that she may be bitter! And when My will is, I will invite him to drink the cup. Then my foreman, grasping my right hand, pulled me back, and by doing both of the three methans of the Emperor, worshiping His feet, I went out of the church and the door closed. And the men in the room, as they were in the room, came to meet us, and, looking for me with their cheerful face, they said to me, Brother, please, for here we are waiting for you, and coming out of the hall, in the yard and stayed a little. Then I said to my foreman: Holy Glory and beloved brother, can not we not go to the world, but stay here? And he said to me, “The will of the Lord is to go again in the world to prepare you with all sorts of things of good deeds, keeping all His commandments. Try to tempt the gold in the melter and come here. And if you do not do that, you will remain in laziness, you have seen the valley that receives the lazy and sinful! Watch and remember what you have seen and how much you have heard from God’s great and infinite mercy to man! Then we went a little and got out of the palace and gate, crossing us three times, we started to go on that nice field. And walking a little, I saw that fog with a few monks who had the great glory. And I looked to see if I knew one of them. And I did not know anybody. So, ending the field, I went out of the gate and came to the top of the tall mountain. And I stood there a little, looking in all parts of the mountain, which was adorned with a lot of olive trees. And that place was very inviting, except that that muddy and dark valley that brought fear and an earthquake to the one who saw it. Then we descended from the mountain, and my foreman said to me, Give me my hand, and I gave it to her. And holding our hands, we again climbed that frightened deck and walked without fear. And when I got in the midst of her, my foreman stood and, turning her face to me, he said to me: My beloved brother, the Kingdom of Heaven is taken by force, and the silly I abduct her. Behold, you have seen the mercy of God. Do not look unhappy with your Good Bearer, God! Want to win His love! Get yourself a drink! And the gift of God and of the Most Holy Mother of God will not leave you, nor will I leave you alone. Then three times the mark of the cross of my cross, said, “Most Holy God, help Your servant!” . It was made unseen. And I did not see him where he went. And he left me alone in the middle of the deck. Then there was a great thunder and trouble from that valley, and I heard wild shouting saying, “Now it is alone, let’s get it down!” Others said, “This is a man who wants to pass and he does not know we have to overtake him now.” they scratched their teeth on me, shouting with a great voice: Let’s get it out before Gheorghe came to take it! But none could come near me, but only making shouts and disturbances. And the deck staggered like a leaf. Then, looking at that depth, I said, “Lord, who can help man here?” Then came a voice of thunder, and said, “Here is the good work of man; and to do some mercy the Most Holy Child of God! By this voice the dramatic disturbances ceased. And I have called the help of the Presbyter of God and of St. George and with their help I came to myself. “

(Wonders from Atonite Fathers, Sihastria Monastery Publishing House, 2010)