Saint Demetrius, the Venerable from Basarabi, whose Holy Relics are in the Patriarchal Cathedral in Bucharest, is celebrated on the 27th of October. Although not known when Pious Dimitrie lived, we know it was born in the village of Basarabi, south of the Danube, during Vlach-Bulgarian Empire, founded by brothers Peter and Asan (XIII century).

Finding the precious relics banish a demon

For a while, St. Demetrius was cattle shepherd in Basarabi. After a while, however, to spend continually in prayer, he withdrew to a monastery first and then in a cave on the steep bank of the river Lom, not far from the town of Ruse. According to tradition, before he passed away, the saint was sitting alone between two large stone, located on the waterfront. Meanwhile, Lom river rose, and his body was covered by water.

Sfantul Cuvios Dimitrie cel Nou - Basarabov

Its venerable relics remained under Lom river waters for a long time. At one point, a girl who was possessed by an unclean spirit, dreamed a pious man, who said: “If your parents want me out of the water, I will heal you.” Hearing this, the girl’s parents went rather in the indicated place and found incorrupt body of Blessed Demetrius. Then the demon was driven out, and the child was recovered.

Saint Dimitrie doesn’t want to leave Bucharest

The relics of St. Dimitrie the New, called Basarabov, were placed first in Basarabi village church. They remained in Basarabi up during the Russo-Turkish War (1768-1774), when the Russian general Peter took Salticov venerable relics, to lead them in Russia. Along the way, however, the kindly merchant Hagi Dimitrie and Metropolitan Gregory II of the Romanian Country, he has given the Roman people. Thus, in the summer of 1774, the Pious Dimitrie honorable body was placed in the Patriarchal Cathedral in Bucharest.

Sfantul Cuvios Dimitrie cel Nou - Basarabov

In 1918, when the city Bucharest was occupied by German troops, more troops Bulgarians entered stealthily cathedral took reliquary with the relics and climbed up them in a car, went to the Danube, to lead them in Bulgaria. St. but did not want to leave Bucharest since the night in question and the next day, the whole city was engulfed in a thick and unnatural mist. Not finding the road, Bulgarian soldiers struggled for hours to get out of town and the car was damaged. Leaving the town very late, after they were caught in the township Calugareni. Pilgrimage of the Holy Relics return that followed lasted nearly a month.

Saint Dimitrie help city to get rid of plague

One of the first miracles of St. Demetrius on its redemption Bucharest was a terrible epidemic of plague. In 1814, in the reign Caragea city was gripped by an epidemic of plague. Because plague is more and more victims at the request of Prince, the monks of St. Demetrius Cathedral relics and took them out in procession, bypassing the holy city and making prayers for deliverance from plague. Starting that day, the plague ceased to make new victims.

Pious Dimitrie the New banish hunger

In 1827, in the reign of Grigore Ghica, a prolonged drought caused the famine threatening the city and region. Lacking any help, people hoped again in prayers of Saint Demetrius in God’s mercy. Thus, the venerable shrine with the relics were removed from the cathedral and carried on shoulders by priests throughout the city.

Sfantul Cuvios Dimitrie cel Nou - Basarabov

In memoirs of colonel Papazoglu who participated in this great event, we find written: “After bypassed few streets, when arrivals head Bridge Mogosoaia began to rain. Voda and noblemen and the people who were after Holy steal wet to the skin. and the rain held three days with little disruption. “

Procession with the Holy Relics stops cholera

In 1831 a cholera epidemic swept the city of Bucharest, which remained almost deserted, the inhabitants fleeing to where they could, the way the terrible disease. In September 15 1831 General Paul D. Kiselev, President Divan, decided to seek help St. Demetrius, as if the plague epidemic of 1814. The relics of St. Dimitrie the New Filaret were taken on the plain, where, in the presence of Russian military authorities, generals and officers, priests and faithful who have left the city, metropolitan and monks prayed for an end to cholera. According to historical evidence, from September 15 until early October, the death toll, which by then reached a total of 160 per day, fell quickly.

Saint Dimitrie take a woman out of coma

A faithful woman, mother of five and devoted wife, went into a coma, while he was in hospital. The doctor told her husband: “I have nothing to do to him. Take it home!” Despite the Doctor’s final word, both husband and children went to the cathedral and began to pray wholeheartedly Saint Dimitrie, to cure their wife and mother.

Sfantul Cuvios Dimitrie cel Nou - Basarabov

After much clean prayer, they returned to the hospital, still having enough reliable. At the hospital, in front of the salon where the woman were many people, each more agitated. Scared husband ran forward and passed among humans. His wife disconnect one of the devices and, being held by nurses, how could shout: “I want to go to Saint Demetrius, because he made me healthy!” As was found later in the coma, bedside woman came a pious man, who was Saint Demetrius, and I said, “Rise and go home, children and husband!”

Cancer is not an incurable disease

A doctor at the Hospital of Oncology in Fundeni, disciple of Father Jerome Cretu, the then minister Patriarchal Cathedral, following a health professional, was diagnosed with a form of ovarian cancer. The first way that I did this after finding out he was suffering from the disease, was the relics of Saint Pious Dimitrie. With a full faith in the power of the Pious, it was asked to be healed. After a while, when she was consulted again, by the head of Oncology Clinic, he said: “If you’d seen before treatment and I would not have consulted me, myself, and have come now, you tell me you were sick, I would have said you were crazy. ” Saint Demetrius and the other saints, I see an incurable cancer.

Saint Dimitrie, mysteriously, urge to Confession

Among the many miracles of Saint Dimitrie, there is also some particularly valuable, they are overlooked. It is about the miracles that happen in the hearts of worshipers, and not in their bodies.

Sfantul Cuvios Dimitrie cel Nou - Basarabov

As the soul is more precious than the body, so more important than bodily healing it is the work of a secret that Saint Demetrios commits the soul of faith and worship. Thus, many are those who have confessed for the first time after worshiped the relics of St. Demetrius. Ordinary people who did not go to church, they felt mysteriously need to repent for specific facts and confess their priest first met way.

Pilgrimage in October, a growing miracle of Blessed Dimitrie

The pilgrimage occurs from His relics in October, it is one of the wonders committed annually by Saint Dimitrie the New, as father says Arsene Muscalu, Abbot of the Monastery Cornu:

Sfantul Cuvios Dimitrie cel Nou - Basarabov

“Besides the healing of the soul and body, acquiring peace and reconciliation, receiving help in gaps and needs, Saint Dimitrie the New commits every year a miracle that overlook many times, namely that in his day commemoration managed to gather so many people, especially in hectic world and rushed today, i find the way to put aside all worries and concerns, coming to bring honor to stand for hours, often in bad weather, with cold or rain, leaving even overnight, as to kiss the Holy Relics, receiving instead using the Pious. “

A humble prayer to Saint Demetrius of Bucharest!

Ours defender in needs to work many miracles, we bring you praise thank you, we the unworthy. And, who are wonderful and gracious, deliver us from all our needs, to sing to you: Rejoice, facatorule wonders, Saint Demetrios! O preacuvioase parent, bearer of God Holy Demetrius, receiving the gift of prayer from us now deliver around the need and escape the torment that will be on all who sing to God: Alleluia!

Theodor Danalache