367 years since the relics of Saint Paraskeva are located in Iasi, the Feast of October 14 has an extraordinary significance for the Romanian, hundreds of thousands of believers came to worship at the shrine they know “more useful”. Those who come to “Pious” – as her friends call her – ask her to solve everyday problems, ask relief for the troubles that pounced on their health, growth and joy in the house. Holy and listens to each one and do not delay to come to their aid to those who put their hope in the power of her and pray with faith. Pious miracles are innumerable. Many stories are known from those who received them, but many remained in the mystery of which they lived.

Saint Paraskeva from Iasi enjoys a cult particular country, more than all the saints who have the relics in Romania. Every day, at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Iasi, from morning until late at night is a small pilgrimage continuously with believers of all ages and from all places, come to prayer. In particular, the festivals, the posts and Fridays, regarded as the day of Saint Paraskeva, come many believers and worship shrine of faith, bringing flowers, gifts and clothing, they touch the scrape her to get help, health and blessing. It is said that Saint Paraskeva committed so many miracles, even more than the number of stars and sea sand. Because Holy heals lame, deaf, crippled, lame and all sorts of diseases, even the most deadly; unhealed away all manner only with achieving the coffin.

And nowadays, Pious never ceases to work miracles for those who turn to her faith not only in Epivat, where the family home was converted into a church dedicated to her, and the Metropolitan Cathedral in Iasi, but worldwide.

The following are some of the miracles Pious, recounted in letters sent priests faithful servants of the Metropolitan Cathedral in Iasi, recorded in “Romanian Paterikon” or the book “The Sorrows of Blondie mother, a martyr of Siberia”.

An engineer suffering from lung was hospitalized for surgery. Meanwhile, his mother went to the relics of Saint Paraskeva, asking her health for her son. For two weeks, doctors kept postponing the surgery. And noting that pulmonary lesions were healed miraculously, he told the patient that there is no need to have surgery and return home because “is someone who prays to God for you!”.

One day, a woman 40 years entered the Holy Metropolitan, running through the church and sobbing. A priest who was then a minister in the church asked her what’s wrong. I said that it did sinusitis, but do not have time to treat, was remembered with great pain head and then her whole head was swollen. Finally Going to the doctor, he told them that the whole brain is covered with pus and must perform surgery on very hard, but that it will not withstand this operation, and therefore to wait for death.

The priest asked if he believed in God, and she said yes, but rarely come to church, work with children and greater poverty. Then he made her memorial and took her to the Pious, which was worshiped. The priest says that in three months he met on the street, healthy and cheerful. The woman then told him that the servant of the Lord “in about three weeks after I gave diptych, began to run my nose and pus flowed long. It has passed all brain infection and I became healthy. “

The next day, he felt it was healthy, and until today has nothing

A child of three and a half and was stopped short speech. The mother then took the child in his arms and came to ask help of Saint Paraskeva. While she was praying with tears, the child suddenly shouted, “Mom, mom! Here is Lord, Lord “. Thanks to Paraskeva heartfelt, Mom came back home with the baby healthy.

A priest in Transylvania says he was sick of the lungs and making many antibiotic injections, he felt that begin to dazzle. When he went to the doctor and he confirmed misfortune. Immediately, the priest was boarded the train and went to Iasi. It was 22:00. The cathedral was closed. Then stood knee, outside by the wall where they were the relics of Saint Paraskeva, was asked a few hours, weeping. The next day he felt it was healthy until today has nothing no eyes or lungs and serve Mass at a convent in Transylvania.

Once, he came to Bucharest a lady, but bringing Holy Paraskeva a Persian rug, large and beautiful. The priest who was at the shrine of Saint asked her what that gift. She told him that her husband, 45-year-old man, was ill and with all the progress of medicine, doctors could find no cure his illness, telling him to prepare for death, he had cancer. But one day, came to her home a friend who told them he was going to Iasi, advising them to give him money and he diptych take him to St. Paraskeva. In two months, the man was made whole without any treatment and, in gratitude, his wife personally brought this carpet at Saint Paraskeva.

Another woman, upset that her husband’s entire face is covered by some ugly sores that fester and cause him great pain, came the Pious, wept, prayed and was given memorial. Many doctors tried various treatments and ointments to cure him, but all was in vain, indeed, if, after each treatment, wounds ardent and extended further.

When it came to Iasi, the woman touched relics clean handkerchief he had it, and when he got home, he put a handkerchief on her husband’s face, he appeased him the pain. After a week, they disappeared and sores.

He came from Bulgaria after he saw St. Paraskeva

In 1968, through March, the Metropolitan came a Bulgarian woman. One of the priests that were in the cathedral asked her if she speak Russian, to tell him what happened. The woman then told him he had one boy who got to college in II and that suddenly went crazy, but in a manner so serious that keeps him in a cage. She was always faithful, instead her husband is an atheist and always he cursed his son and I swear to God. She always went to church, praying with tears for her child.

One night, he dreamed of a tall woman, dressed in black, who said: “If you want your child to be healthy, to come to me.” The woman never asked her where to go and who is the one who dreamed it. But in about two months, again he dreamed the same woman who told him the same thing as the first time. He asked her who she is and I said that is “Saint Paraskeva from Iasi!”

Ms. lived even in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. Immediately it went to the embassy and obtaining passport, came to St. Paraskeva.

The priest advised her how to pray and leave a memorial. By evening he stood by the coffin, praying.

After a year, she came with her mother for 90 years, to thank Saint Paraskeva that her boy was made completely healthy and that he continued his studies.

Relief and joy in the family

In 1955, a family of Iasi does not have understanding in the house. One evening, she left home desperate. Vainly sought a husband and daughter. And after the girl was lying, her father ran to St. Paraskeva and was asked to return with tears well in a family with his wife. Returning home after one hour there was a knock on the door. It was his wife. Her face was pale and thoughtful. “Where you been man? What have happened? “She asked her husband. “The devil gave me in going to kill myself. Therefore, I sat on the train near the railway line Nicolina. But at eight o’clock, when a train was coming with speed, our daughter, dressed in white, came to me, I quickly grabbed me and threw out on the line. So I escaped death and damnation of hell, “she said. “Woman, this evening at eight o’clock, our daughter was lying, and I pray for you. One that saved you was not our daughter, but the very Holy Paraskeva! Let us thank them for it you got rid of this dreadful and double death, bodily and spiritual! “

A pharmacist very good, with 32, all he wanted to marry. He gave prayers at the Holy Paraskeva and immediately met a widower doctor. That began to woo her, but did not say anything serious. Then he left her and was led to others. She desperately kept coming and crying … The priest from Holy shrine advised her: “Let’s continue with the prayers Pious.” And one Sunday, suddenly came to her family doctor and asked her to marry him. Ten days later they made the wedding.

Patron of students

Among those rushing to help our mother Paraskeva are students. Especially in the months of tests, scrape Pious is full of books, notebooks and school commemoration.

A girl wanted to give the medicine. He came to the Metropolitan very upset that all summer was not properly prepared and is afraid that he could not enter because of what he learned but can not remember spleen structure. He was advised by priests here to go to the shrine of the Holy Paraskeva, he knows how to pray, and she will help. The young woman, kneeling in front of the holy shrine, was asked: “Holy Paraskeva, I’m not ready, I know only spleen”. Three candidates entered the exam. Li was stretched box with notes, fired the first two slips and eventually fired and her, wrench, and sea and was surprised when he saw the note: “Spleen”. He knew perfectly and took ten. The day came to thank Pious Paraskeva. The door began to cry and shout: “Venerable, you have got ten, you know, you’re a student … not me …”.

A young woman recounts how, tired of school and very depressed, came to say that there is no reason to live. “That night I fell asleep crying, thinking that the next day to give them all up, let me kill myself. That night I had a dream in which I discovered the Saint Paraskeva … I was in a little room, like a nun’s cell. There were a wooden bed with mattress and an icon. I went in and kissed the icon, who smiled. He was a young black covered, I do not know if a veil or her hair. I asked if I wanted to become a mother. I said no and that I wanted to kill myself. Then he told me to go to a monastery far, and sit three days. Finally, I kissed her again. Since then my life has changed. I went to the confessor, who sent me to a church dedicated to Saint Paraskeva. Father there waiting for me and told me: “Come give you books to learn.” So I passed the state I was. Since then, all things going well “.

A priest tells how one evening he came to Metropolitan lady of 35 years, very agitated, excited to tears. She was crying and worshiping all the icons, especially the Pious. He said he is very happy and came to thank God and the Holy Paraskeva, recounting: “I am a clerk in Manchester and I decided to make the faculty of German, but I did not feel so well prepared, I wanted my trying chance. Coming on the road to Iasi, entrance examination, I met with a lady on the train that was in the same situation as me. When I arrived in Iasi I suggested I go to both the Divine Miss Paraskeva to ask for help. Miss replied that she does not need anyone’s help, he is well prepared. I still I came to Pious and I asked for help which I gave. On exam, the better prepared he failed and I failed, and now I have come to thank. “

St. Paraskeva protect the crops

In a village near Iasi emerged caterpillars which destroyed everything. Since then, the village priest and the faithful asked the Metropolitan to give it the Pious, to bring in their orchards, to deliver them from this evil. Li was approved. They went with the group of priests and believers and put it on Saint Paraskeva in a garden under a tree that had no leaves, only caterpillars. Garden near a water flowed, and the other side was the national highway. After prayers began, all have seen how caterpillars descend from the tree and went in the water, jumping into the water and died, others went on the road, stopped there and died crushed cars and carts. When they finished Holy Unction and prayers, there was no longer a caterpillar on the tree or in gardens.

The communists wanted to bury her in the cemetery

Through the years 1950-1954, the Communists wanted to bury a pious, because the crowd of faithful who came to worship daily not to bother. They advised secretly and one morning sent men to dig the grave in the cemetery. When they started to dig the sky, which until then was clear and sunny, darkened with clouds big black, started a whirlwind, with rain and ice as egg pigeons, with thunder and lightning, the thought that he Lord laughs from the earth. Tremble, people young and old ran the Metropolitan of Saint Paraskeva pray the Good Lord to intercede on her, not to destroy them. They called the priests, they pulled all the bells and made the chapel of Saint akathist and other prayers to the Lord and the Mother of God, that all church was only tears and sobs. They prayed until late. The storm was calmed.

“I could see the blue, and then the rain clouds gathered satisfy the thirsty land”

During the great drought in the summer of 1947, when people were dying and starving animals were brought relics of Saint Paraskeva in procession through the villages of Moldova. Believers waited and greeted them with tears of joy and torches in their hands. In the end, the rain clouds came and watered the earth rich. As thanks, the faithful prayed and rose by a triptych of the Holy Paraskeva.

“In May 1947 in the second year of drought, I was appointed to accompany the relics and to lead this procession of claim God’s mercy through the towns and villages of Moldova, whose sons and daughters were struggling in the grip of famine and suffering, wailing and the fallen in war. I saw real, dear brothers and sisters, miracles Pious after the prayers of all the people.

Parents servants who accompanied me then, as those who met us en route, Iasi, Prut, Roman, Adjud, Onesti, Tazlău and Fălticeni, thus making the detour Moldova witnessed when crowds of believers, comprised of godliness arrival procession approached and touched the holy relics. They became thus witnessed many wonders what was happening for real. Following earnest prayers, tears of hope, I could see out of the blue, and then the rain clouds gathered satisfy the thirsty land, where severe drought. As a result of staging and prayers manifestly relics of Saint Paraskeva is Troita raised by parishioners Prisacani right Prut, which meant a call and a decision as to the place to put the foundations of a new and beautiful churches, a real cathedral.

In this outpouring of Christian piety pilgrimage continued over two months, renewed the process, the faithful, priests, monks, often taking with them representatives of local authorities, despite the presence of Soviet troops.

Going back I now think of the more than two months of special prayers for rain, heal and straightening life, the daily participation of numerous faithful who came as the Savior Jesus Christ, the sick and afflicted them with deep humility raise glory to God who His power showed fulfilling the hope of believers, realizing their requests. To the praise of Saint Paraskeva was and all these great deeds were embedded deep in our souls and Life of Priests and faithful participants, and in ours, unworthy servants. Offerings of the faithful were offered homes for orphans aid after recommendation priests site, “confessed a few years ago, the patron Pious in Iasi, worthy to remember Patriarch Teoctist in 1947 Ecclesiarch of Iasi Metropolitan Cathedral.